dog days of summer

With temperatures predicted to be in 100s range this weekend, I thought i’d make a guide for how to keep dogs cool in the summer. Especially since the only way they can sweat is through their tongue!

Ideally, you could have an air-conditioned backyard 🙂 But for those of you who don’t have one, you could just let your dog out very early in the morning or late in the evening, when the sun isn’t so high up in the sky. Same for walking. If you do have to let your dog out in the middle of the day, do it under close supervision. And always make sure there’s water available.

Some things that might help:

-spray your dog with a water hose.

-get a kiddie pool, fill it with water, and let your dog rest in the pool. (but make sure you throw out the water soon because mosquitoes love pools of water.)

-give your dog a pupsicle. It’s a frozen broth treat with a rawhide stick, so the whole thing is available, and you can get it at Locopops in Durham (2600 Hillsborough Rd.). Best of all, all the proceeds goes to the welfare of dogs at APS.

-for the thicker coated dogs, maybe a close shave would be a good idea. Just make sure the skin that shows through is not susceptible to sunburn.

Anyone else have any great ideas for dogs dealing with heat?

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3 Responses to dog days of summer

  1. Paula Walters says:

    I’m enjoying your blog and agree of course that it’s vital to care for our pets; however, I will add two gentle reminders to your suggestions for staying cool. Durham remains under Stage III restrictions, so when you empty the pool after the pooch has enjoyed it, do so on a garden — ditto for hose sprinkling. In other words, have Fido near the plants or on the lawn so it will be a two-for one deal when you turn on the water. Also remember Wednesdays & Saturdays 5-8 A.M. and P.M. are the appointed times. Thanks for your devotion to animals.

  2. Simon Woodrup says:

    I used the “furminator” on my medium haired kitty. The amount of undercoat that came out was incredible. Even though she’s a safe, indoor, air conditioned cat, it must be a relief for her to be rid of some of that extra fur.

  3. bullcitydogs says:

    Thanks for the reminder! I didn’t think about this because I water my plants using rainwater, and my dog doesn’t really like water that much to justify a kiddie pool 🙂

    I heart the furminator. I think it is the greatest thing ever invented and it does cut down a lot of hair-tumbleweeds and undercoat fur in dogs. Not to mention it leaves the coat incredibly smooth.

    Someone else suggested draping a wet terrycloth towel over cats if they don’t like fans or don’t have a/c.

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