Featured Dog: Rodney — ADOPTED!

cutest begging face
Hi. I’m Rodney.

There are some dogs that don’t require a lot of work, simply because they are ready to do anything for you, if only you will be with them and take care of them. Then there are some dogs that you connect with immediately and furiously, as if there is nothing else in the world that matters.

Rodney stretches out
Sitting quietly while my volunteer gives me a bellyrub!

Rodney is one of those rare dogs that has both qualities. He is eager to please, but not pushy, and he has an enormous amount of charisma. When I walk him, he is always quietly sitting, watching me with his big eyes that always melt my heart every time, and then he breaks out in a big grin. The first thing he does outside is to roll in grass happily and ask for a bellyrub. His tail is always wagging. And despite his big size and muscular appearance, he walks rather nicely. He always looks at you to see if you want to tell him anything, and he is a very good listener– he’ll put his head on your lap, or let you stroke his belly while he lies quietly. He will play with toys and tolerates other dogs very well, but mostly, he’d just rather be with you.

rodney smile
I love being near people.

bliss is a bellyrub

The only catch? He’s a pit/bulldog mix, which carries its own share of stereotypes and baggage. I don’t know about you, but I can tell you that during the three (now four) years I’ve spent in the shelter, I’ve learned that judging a dog by its supposed breed or by its appearance or its age doesn’t tell you everything about the dog. I also know that if these dogs are given a chance to thrive in a loving, caring, AND responsible environment, they more often than not succeed in becoming wonderful, loyal pets.

Rodney enjoys bellyrubs
Ah, this is the life…a bellyrub and a good view and breeze.

If you’re an experienced dog owner and are looking for a second dog, please consider Rodney– his social skills with other dogs are excellent (he was called “best all around” by volunteers). If you’re looking for a first dog, Rodney would be a delight. Anyone who adopts him will be very lucky to have him. In any case, if you’re looking for a dog, he’s worth visiting.

goofy grin
I can be such a goofball sometimes.

In lieu of an interview, I thought I’d let Rodney show off his charm (click here to see a video).

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10 Responses to Featured Dog: Rodney — ADOPTED!

  1. thruhike98 says:

    What a fantastic dog! How cool is he!?! 🙂

  2. bullcitydogs says:

    thruhike98: very, very cool. 🙂 he’s been so patient!

  3. Jess says:

    Is Rodney still at the shelter? This blog and his youtube videos have kind of made me fall in love with him… but unfortunately I’m in between things right now and I’m not sure where I’m going to be living (house/apartment or what city) in a couple months, so it’s not a good time for me to adopt a dog.

  4. bullcitydogs says:

    Jess: As of now, yes he is. I’m glad that this blog and videos have helped (this kind of feedback is useful), but I agree the timing might not be right. Hopefully things will settle for you soon.

  5. Jeni says:

    He looks fantastic! How old is he?

  6. bullcitydogs says:

    Jeni: He’s about four years old.

  7. ariel says:

    Is Rodney still looking for a home? What an adorable dog!

  8. Jeni says:

    Thanks! I tried to catch him at the shelter, but was told he moved to IAR. We’ll track him down over there. Thanks again!

  9. bullcitydogs says:

    ariel: yes. He got moved to foster care at Independent Animal Rescue and if you want to meet with him/are interested in adopting him contact IAR at:


    Jeni: sorry you missed him! I missed him too post vacation. The IAR contact info is above; let me know if you need anything else.

  10. Jeni says:

    FYI, I tried to catch him at IAR but received an email from them once that article ran in the paper and he was already being adopted by another family. Glad to see he found a home!

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