Featured Dog: Cecelia (now in foster care)

Are you looking for a shy but sweet, eager, and willing companion? Cecelia might just be the girl for you! It’s obvious that Cecelia hasn’t had much in her life before coming to the shelter– but she’s learning and is always happy to be with people!

Cecelia likes to be near people

She’s a 4 year old pit mix, with beautiful brindle markings, and absolutely loves ear scratches. She is also very trainable and does a very nice ‘sit.’ Indeed, she’s very polite and would make a great first dog for someone who’s never had dogs before.
Cecelia asks for a treat

From the words of another volunteer:
“If you are looking for a good, polite, dedicated and loving companion, please pay Cecelia a visit. Be warned, though – she’s a kisser :-)”
I can vouch for the kissing part– she has given me many a good morning facial!

Would you be willing to give this wonderful girl her permanent home?
Happy Cecelia

Cecelia lives in Kennel 37.
For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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