Featured Dog: Mardi – ADOPTED!

Let me introduce you to this little camouflaged wonder, and when I say camouflaged, I mean really camouflaged.
Mardi sits beautifully

It isn’t just her appearance blending into the background– it’s also her personality. Despite the fact that she looks tough, she’s actually one of the sweetest dogs I’ve met. She was initially heavily pregnant when I first met her, and despite the fact that her belly was bigger than her head or her butt, she wiggled her butt back and forth and wagged her tail so quickly I thought she was going to give birth right there. Now that she’s not laden down with puppies, she’s quickly enjoying life and finding out how much fun it can be and bringing so much joy to both volunteers and visitors. She loves to play with other dogs, give folks kisses, and in general, hanging out with them.

She’s actually a perfect size for an apartment– she’s only 30 lbs and 3-4 years old (past the crazy puppy stage), and she loves both people and dogs. One volunteer reports that she has amazing social intelligence– she can tell when a dog or a person is grumpy/wants to be left alone/needs to be loved.

Mardi licks her chops in anticipation

Did I also mention that she is very trainable? She knows ‘sit’ and is very focused on you during her walks– she looks back at you and expects you to rub her soft belly every single time 😉

Mardi is ready for a good petting session!

Give this girl a chance–look past her looks, and she’ll surprise you. I guarantee it– once she starts wagging that tail of hers, she’s your friend for life.

Mardi lives in Kennel 19.
For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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