Featured Dog: Domino- ADOPTED!

If you are fairly active and are looking for an energetic but very trainable dog to keep you company (for example, jogging partner, hiking partner, all-around best companion), look no further than Domino. He’s a dog of many talents.

While he loves to play with toys and other dogs, his most favorite activity is getting you to come over and give him a belly rub. He really cannot get enough of them and it’s very endearing.

This is how he beckons you– by lying on his back and giving you this “please pretty please” look:
Bignose Domino

Domino enjoys a bellyrub

Bellyrubs aren’t the only things he likes. Domino fancies himself to be a lovely little lapdog:
This is Domino happily settling himself on my lap.
Hi, I'm Domino and I think I would make a great lapdog.

See? He’s not moving anytime soon from my lap! And like most dogs, he LOVES sunshine and would spend all day napping on sunspots…
Domino enjoying the sunlight

I’m not sure how he convinced me he could fit his entire frame on my lap, but this is his attempt (see the spot? that’s how he got his name):
See? Domino can fit in your lap...

And let’s not forget that Domino is a true lover-boy– he is very, very affectionate and readily gives out kisses.
Domino gives a volunteer a kiss (actually an ear lick)

He is also a master of disguises (handy at parties. I bet he’d love these!).

Here is he doing his best Elvis impersonation (he has one dark patch of fur that comes down on one side and down his chin, that I affectionately refer to as his “mutton chop.”).

And sometimes with these ears, he looks startlingly like a bunny:

Domino, relaxing (saving his energy to plot how to get more bellyrubs out of you, no doubt):

Domino says: “Come see me and I’ll show you how I can be your best friend for life!”

Domino lives in Kennel 32.
For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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