Featured Dog: Rosalie- ADOPTED!

Would you like to meet a very pretty, engaging girl? Meet Rosalie, a foxhound mix who’s about a year old.

Goofy Rosalie
Rosalie looking a little goofy.

Rosalie showing a bit of her serious-looking profile. Trust me, volunteers are not that easily fooled…she’s really a cuddlebug underneath.

Rosalie is so comfy.
See how easily she puts her head on your lap?

Rosalie expresses her delight about bellyrubs.
And how much she likes bellyrubs?

Rosalie stays there for a little while longer.
“Can I sit on your lap until I find my forever home?”

Of course, Rosalie isn’t just cuddly and affectionate– she’s excellent with other dogs and people, and she loves to play with toys (though she would much prefer a warm lap…if she were a cat, she’d probably have a very loud purr!). Won’t you meet this sweet girl?

Rosalie lives in Kennel 42.
For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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