Hello, 2009.

Hi there!

Sorry for the long absence– being sick not only once, but three times plus the holidays has pretty much kept me off the dog radar. But now that’s out of the way, let’s focus on the dogs.

First, a year in preview– I present ten memorable dogs from last year. Not all of them were adopted, but most of them were, which is always good.

10 memorable dogs from 2008

1. Hi! I’m Dinah. , 2. Barrett, 3. George looks sideways, 4. Archie smiles, 5. Reggie, 6. Jamie says “yes you can…adopt me!”, 7. Just look at her eyes., 8. cutest begging face, 9. Domino, 10. big nose shot of Heather

Second, have you seen the new pupsicles total? Dogs and their humans have raised near $4300 trianglewide (Durham, Chapel-Hill, Hillsborough, Raleigh) to help out homeless animals. This is of course, wonderful, given the current economic crisis.

Third, the current economic crisis and recent surrendering of dogs has me thinking. Would y’all like to see some tips on making your own dog treats/toys/saving money? If not, what would you like to see? Other than more wonderful dogs, of course 🙂

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