Featured Dog: Henry- ADOPTED!

for this week leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’ll post a dog everyday…maybe one of them will be your valentine! (Remember there is a special Valentine’s Day event at the shelter inviting you to visit the shelter this Saturday, from 10 to 3 pm.)

Henry in the woods

Monday is for a huge volunteer favorite, Henry, a 2yrish old pointer/pit mix. He’s got a remarkable comeback story worthy of a Hollywood ending–a home of his own!

He first came into the shelter as a cruelty case, and was less than half of his ideal weight. He’s been recovering since, and is a wonderful, happy, healthy dog who loves everyone and everything!

As a bonus he is also photogenic and trained to pose for cameras. He simply soaks up the attention and then showers you with love or kisses.


As  you can see, he does a wonderful sit, has a great attention span (he really does focus on you very nicely), and is eager to learn more. He would also make an excellent second dog, as he gets along very well with other dogs and loves to play with toys.He might seem big, but he’s really a gentle giant with a bigger heart.

Come meet Henry and let him be your Valentine!

Henry lives in Kennel 37.

For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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