Featured Dog: Maisie – ADOPTED!

When I think of Maisie, the song “You are my sunshine/My only sunshine/you make me happy/when the skies are grey.” I first started to walk her on one of Durham’s marathon gray days (in which at least three days are gray/rainy/drizzly) and she is indeed a ray of sunshine!
Maisie sitting happily

She was happy to go for a walk, but even happier when I sat on a bench and proceeded to give her ear scratches, tummy rubs, chin scratches..you name it.
Maisie looks goofy

Then she demonstrated ‘sit’ for me, but it was more like a ‘please’ 😉
Maisie says 'please'

She is so attentive- this is what she looks like when she looks up at you for instructions. She would be a joy to train and have at your side.
Maisie blows a kiss

And that’s not all. She expresses her appreciation very well 🙂
Just moments before she gave me a kiss

Won’t you come see this wonderful girl? She’s in Kennel 2 and can be identified by her trademark tan spot on her eye

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