Featured Dog: Calum – ADOPTED!

Some of our shy dogs get overlooked because they don’t always wag their tails, bark, or jump on their cage when you walk by. Calum’s one of them– despite his beauty (he’s got beautiful fur) and size (he’s a collie mix, but seems to be trapped in a retriever body and paws!).

Calum sniffs the camera

There he is, looking a little hesitant. But don’t worry, because when he learns that he’s allowed on your lap, and you give him lots of ear noogies, forehead scratches, under-the-chin rubs, immediately, just like that, he is your best friend.

Calum starts a hearty laugh

He might even smile…

"That really tickles!"

…and then turn it into a laugh. That’s him enjoying his bellyrubs. And that was just the first time I walked him. The second time, he greeted me with an anxious smile, but once we were outside, he leapt joyfully in the air as if he knew what was going to happen…another bellyrub session, of course.

He’s excellent with other dogs– he’s be a great second dog-playmate. But mostly, he’d just love to be near you where he can have a consistent routine and training (and sense of security).

Calum loves to be near you

Come meet this sweet boy at kennel 15. For more info, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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