Featured Dog: Dottie – ADOPTED!

Dottie smiles for a treat

Dottie is one of our more overlooked dogs at the shelter– she’s a little worried and unsure of herself and doesn’t always present herself as enthusiastically as other dogs.

Dottie likes being with volunteers

But when you take her outside and spend time with her, you find that she is a wonderful, gentle, and loving girl who needs nothing more than consistent attention and exercise. She’s roughly 2-3 years old, and looks to be a full-bred Blue Tick Coonhound (find out more about them here). She knows ‘sit’ and loves food treats, and gets along well with other dogs.

mmmm, hot dogs

If she looks like she has a quiet nature, it is because she is relatively quiet and calm, at least compared to the more energetic dogs we have at the shelter.

Dottie in all her blue tick hound glory

She also enjoys bellyrubs- an indicator that she has warmed up to you and is enjoying your company.

Dottie is comfortable

Won’t you come see Dottie in Kennel 7? For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Dottie works on her puppy dog eyes

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