Not that you needed a good reason to go to Walk for Animals…

but just in case you needed one, here’s some of the raffle items I’m donating for the Walk:

Kitty (or Small Dog) Bed:
kitty pi bed (YIP: 119)
(fits small animals the size of beanie babies. though if your kitties can squeeze themselves in boxes that are smaller than their heads, they probably will fit 🙂

on the edge
slightly bigger bed. maybe good for two cats/dogs who like to snuggle up next to each other.

These beds are wonderful especially under the sunlight in the winter- the felted wool provides much needed comfort and warmth from cold floors.

But that’s not all! I’m offering to knit a custom-sized (that’s right…big dog people, take notice!) dog sweater in this pattern (called, appropriately enough, biscuits and bones):


(both photos and sweater by Pamela Wynne)

More information about the Walk here.

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