Puppy Friday: Paige – ADOPTED!

Paige is 6 months old, but has a heart of a puppy! She’s always wagging, entertaining you, asking you to play, and has cute puppy-like antics!

Paige sits on a bench

Her looks are unique- it’s hard for me to tell which breed is most dominant in her…the lab ears…the small face…the small body (she looks to be 25-30 lbs right now, and probably is not going to get much bigger). And her fur is extraordinarily smooth- it’s such a pleasure to pet her.

Paige sits

She already knows ‘sit’ and loves to play with toys. She also loves other dogs and would be a great second dog if you are looking for another dog to coax your own dog to play.

And…well, don’t tell, but she and I worked on a few glamour shots- she’s so pretty and pert, it’s hard to resist her.

sunny dog
(in the sun)

mmmm treats
(she’s definitely got the eyes as described in America’s Top Model)

goofy Paige
And look at that smile!

Paige poses
(this is what I got when I told her to look modest. hee.)

Come visit this fun little girl in Kennel 1. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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