Featured Cat: Thomas (a first!) – ADOPTED!

Once in a while a lucky cat gets to reside in the volunteer coordinator’s office. That cat is always a particular favorite with volunteers, as they all tend to be social (sometimes even more social than the aloof dogs!), vocal, and generally all around great cats.

I don’t spend much time with cats not because I don’t like them but because I’m severely allergic to them, though this never stops me from petting them. Today I met Thomas, a handsome gray-and-white tuxedo adult male cat. He’s a total charmer– he likes to rub himself around my ankles, and does not mind at all when I clumsily pick him up and happily rests his head on my shoulder, purring rather loudly the entire time. He also enjoys being on your lap and being fascinated by cameras.

Thomas looks at the camera

And maybe debating whether or not the little shiny metal box is a prey or not. 🙂
Peeking out

He eventually got used to the camera, and then asked for a bellyrub. He loves to have his belly rubbed and then have a mock paw-punching play (he is very gentle and does not pull out his claws at all).
fan of bellyrubs

There is something zen-like about the way he holds himself:
zen-like pose

If you adopt him, this is probably what you will wake up to:
looooooove me.
Thomas says: “Are you awake yet? Yet?”

He’s not all needy– he’s quite good at entertaining himself by fitting into boxes:
fan of boxes

I don’t know how he’d do with dogs- he’d probably be best pampered on his own since he had a rough start (he had no hair on sides of his body when he came in!) and then once he’s settled, he’d probably enjoy having companions around.

Come meet this handsome fella at the volunteer coordinator’s office (ask for Thomas the cat at the front office).

curious about camera

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