Featured Dog: Olivia – ADOPTED!

There are dogs at the shelter who slowly transform (for the better!) when they go outside, and unfortunately, it’s hard to notice when visitors come to the shelter and view the dogs inside their kennels.

Olivia sits

So I made it my mission to show Olivia as she is outside…because she seems to be very quiet and unassuming inside. She is quite lively and happy and energetic (she wags her tail excitedly).

Olivia smiles

Notice how she is leaning. That’s because she absolutely adores bellyrubs, and loves to receive them.

How Olivia looks when she asks for bellyrubs

This is what she looks like when she asks for a bellyrub- how can I say no to these eyes?

Olivia adores bellyrubs

You can see that she’s heading towards a state of bliss…and also that she is not very hard to love :-). So it shouldn’t be too difficult to give her consistent, positive training- she would do very well with a routine of walking, eating, sleeping, getting bellyrubs, more sleeping, eating, walking. The only thing is that she does need to be socialized with other dogs, preferrably in an obedience training class- she’s a little hesitant around other dogs (although I’m sure given her resilience and spunk she would do just fine in time).

Love me!

Come meet the adorable Olivia in Kennel 23. For more info contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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