Featured Dog: Nick – ADOPTED!

I try not to pick favorites, but sometimes a certain dog has that personality that just endears itself to me. I like to call it the winning combination, because every aspect of his/her personality is geared to make the nearest human absolutely adore the dog.

shiny coat

Is it any surprise that Nick is already a GOLD STAR puppy, which means he received excellent scores on his temperament test and therefore would be able to work in any environments (including children) and unusual situations?

Here’s the list of his qualities:
1- He’s got a great smile- he’ll definitely cheer you up with that BIG goofy grin of his.
Long tongue

2- While he is goofy, he is also extremely focused and already knows ‘sit.’ While still grinning, of course.

3- He is very easy to train. I taught him ‘down’ and he was perfectly happy to learn new things. And grin some more. (I’m not sure I have a picture of him where he’s not grinning or smiling or looking happy!) I bet he’d be the happiest pupil in obedience classes.
Learning Down is FUN!

Okay, maybe a small look of mischief. Or anticipation. But that’s normal for a dog. 🙂
Learning Down

4- He likes to be a lapdog. Or be cuddled. Or getting ear scratches. He’s not terribly picky, as long as you are petting him somewhere. Not too hard, as he has a softer than normal coat. He’s grinning, of course…
Nick the happy lapdog

5- I think he’ll be a future photography star. Or a therapy dog. Or the favorite of all neighborhood children. Either way, he’s definitely got a nice career ahead of him. He even knows how to pose.
Happy Nick

I could go on and on, but I’ll let Nick speak for himself, through his beautiful eyes.

Please? pretty please?
“Please pretty please take me home?”

Nick lives in Kennel 40. For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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