Featured Dog: Aspen – ADOPTED!

joy is sunshine and bellyrub on grass

I know Memorial Day just ended, but it feels like the dog days of summer already. And what better to celebrate summer than a dog who loves sunshine, bellyrubs, and green grass (in no particular order)?

spots on grass

This is a dog that literally shines. Meet Aspen, a young adult male beagle mix. I suspect there’s a little bit of border collie in him, because of his markings and his energy (he doesn’t seem to be into sniffing as much as other beagles). He’s very attentive, focused, and is such a joy to walk on these beautiful days. I don’t think the heat and humidity gets to him at all.

happy Aspen

Here’s more pictures of him on the grass, blissfully receiving a belly rub:
Aspen is so happy.

(oh, the pawtitude!)

bellyrub bliss
(more, please, says Aspen)

settling in for a bellyrub

accepting treats
(I love treats, says Aspen. The more, the better.)

at your side

Clearly this dog is made for picnics and backyards and sunshine and lemonade. He already knows ‘sit’ and is eager to learn more, and he gets along with other dogs (would make a great second dog). He appears to be housetrained, so he’s on his way to becoming a well-behaved but fun-loving gentleman.

curvy tongue
(here he is sitting…excuse the funky proportions of big head/small body ratio)

that talented tongue
Just look at that handsome profile!

Licking hand
Aspen is so gentle, even when he tries to jump into your lap, he always makes up for it by licking your hand.

Love me.
That face. How can you not love his face?

Come meet Aspen in Kennel 16. For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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