Featured Dog: Stevie – GNBF

Stevie would like some attention!

Why hello there! I’m Stevie, a 5-6 month old male Lab/Shep mix. I’m actually a little shy, but I’m working on it with help of treats and lots of affection (I love being petted).

Stevie smiles

I’ve been told I have irresistible eyes that are hard to say no to. I don’t know about that, but if it gets me more treats, well, then, I’ll just believe that. 🙂

Stevie has wonderful eyes

Some of the volunteers says I am pretty photogenic (black dogs are notoriously hard to photograph) but I think that’s just because of my handsome charm.

Happy Stevie

Oh, don’t worry. I try very hard not to have a big ego. I listen well, I know ‘sit’ and I’ve been told I’m a dream on leash (I don’t pull or anything. I might wag my tail at other dogs, but that’s about it).

Stevie pays attention

I really would love to learn more than ‘sit’ and be your very own best friend (I like sticking to people and paying attention to them and having them pet me).

Stevie smiles as he realizes there is a hot dog at the other end :)

Please pretty please visit me in Kennel 26. There might be a doggie kiss in store for you.

Stevie would like some treats, please

Come see me, and for more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

Love me, Stevie says

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3 Responses to Featured Dog: Stevie – GNBF

  1. You do an excellent job of featuring the dogs.Keep up the good work.Excellent photo’s

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