Puppy Friday: Cassius – ADOPTED!

Actually, more like awkward-gangly-teenager-stage kind of Friday.

The case in point is Cassius, a 4-5 month old boxer/hound mix.

Cassius would love a forever home!

He unsuccessfully keeps up with his enormous paws, and even his tongue seems to be a little too big for him.

i can't help it if things are a little too big for me :-)

Despite all this, Cassius is an eager-to-learn and loveable puppy-dog (my term for dogs that are not quite finished with being puppies, but are not yet full grown dogs).

long tongue

Cassius loves bellyrubs, being on your lap, goofing off, playing with toys, and being showered with attention.

He likes to play-nibble (he covers his teeth with his lips so he doesn’t hurt you…
knee nibble

and play peekaboo…
playing peekaboo

…and will gladly chew up stuffed toys that are offered:
toy action

He appears to be playful, and may get along with other dogs. He’ll be very handsome once he “grows up.”


I think I can see a future for him on the Supreme Court bench…doesn’t he look so distinguished?

looking proud to have a lap

side view

Cassius will do well in a kind home where he’ll get lots of love and fun and training. Come meet this goofball in Kennel 39. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

happy dawg

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