Featured Dog: Baxter – ADOPTED!

This week’s happy-go-lucky award goes to Baxter, an adorable nearly full-grown puppy (he’s 6-7 months old) with a bit of hound and shepherd background.

The reason is mostly this photo of him:

Baxter has such a happy smile

He’s got such a big, happy, genuine smile, don’t you think?

Here’s another one:

Baxter likes being petted

Baxter is really a very happy-go-lucky puppy– he likes everything, from long walks to treats to uninterrupted stretches of bellyrubbing/patting.

The other best part is that for a puppy, he’s actually fairly low-energy (or high self control) and very polite towards humans (and even cats!). He would benefit from some puppy training to boost his confidence, though he seems very well trained- he knows ‘sit’ and is very good about not jumping up on people or furniture.

Baxter always has a happy smile

Even when Baxter isn’t smiling or loving everything in general, he’s very, very cute.

Baxter watching in the distance

He would make a terrific hiking companion or a second dog (he gets along very well with other dogs) and may do well with older children (because he’s so calm).

Baxter's profile

Come see how sweet Baxter is! He’s foster care. For more information (including visits), contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org


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