Featured Dog: Georgia – ADOPTED!

At the shelter I see a lot of brindle-colored dogs- they remind me of pumpernickel bagels that have all these brown and tan swirls. Mostly, though, they happen to be either pit or lab or hound mixes. This makes Georgia unique in that she’s got the wiry terrier appearance and a brindle coat.

scruffy Georgia

When I first met her, I was amazed by how well behaved she was- she even looked back to see if I had any further instructions/was okay. She’s really a dream on the leash and very easy to walk. But she’s not all calm- if you want her to be playful (like when toys are on offer) she’s definitely got the enthusiasm. Also, she gets along well with dogs and children– she’s a GOLD STAR dog, after all, passing her temperament test with flying colors.

Georgia looking serious

If you’re looking for a gentle, amiable companion who can be easily trained and is easy to get along with, please consider Georgia. To see if she can be the perfect fit for your family (and she is very much a family-type sort of dog), visit her in Kennel 47. For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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