Featured Dog: Roxy – ADOPTED!

I don’t think I’ve met a dog who was so happy to see me as much as Roxy. I don’t think it’s just me, but there’s something special about Roxy– she clearly, eagerly, happily loves people. For instance, she did a little happy dance when we first went out, gave me a play-bow, stuck close to me when I rubbed her chest, and kept looking back at me if I was going to offer any treat (not that they were really needed– just you will be enough) or a toy or a rub or simply attention.
Roxy has a handsome snout

Also, despite her size (she’s a Boxer/Pit mix, which means she is all 40-plus lbs of muscle and 200 lbs of love and affection), she thinks she’s a lapdog. No, really. The moment you sit down, she practically jumps into your lap and curls up into a ball, tucks her head under your hand, and you cannot really resist her. Your lap (or possibly, your sofa) was apparently made just for her.

Roxy sits

Seriously, though, how can you resist that look? She’s already pretty well-trained- she ‘sits’ very nicely for treats, and definitely pays attention.

Roxy has soulful eyes

She would be okay with other dogs if they are polite or male, and I’m guessing, if they’re okay with her having all the human attention ;-). Seriously, though, she’s got enough love to fill several dogs her size, and would be fine as an only dog. So if you like just chilling out, relaxing, and generally enjoying the good things in life, Roxy might be a great companion. Not to mention, she’s pretty much guaranteed to bring sunshine and smiles.

Roxy is full of sunshine and smiles

Roxy loves to be petted

Happy Roxy

Come see this wonderful girl in Kennel 4. For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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