Puppy Friday: Eddie – GBNF

This week’s puppy friday award goes to Eddie, a handsome 6-7 month old cattledog mix. He’s got the chocolate brown color distinctive of labrador retrievers, and a white coat that comes from… cattledog? basenji? it’s anybody’s guess. Just think of him as permanently wearing a brown tuxedo.

Eddie knows his sits

He is a happy, joyful dog who loves to play and to learn (he knows his sit very well!). He would most definitely enjoy puppy training classes and playing with other dogs.

Eddie is focused

Eddie tries out a treat

Eddie is tired after a good workout!

Eddie in action!

He still has a lot of puppy energy, but he does well after a good workout (he loves squeaky toys!).

Eddie looking goofy

He’s also intensely affectionate– once he knows that you are going to be his friend, there is no stopping him from licking your face. Especially if you rub him all over and show him all the good things a dog likes.

Eddie with intense eyes

If you’re looking for a highly trainable puppy with killer charm AND good looks, Eddie is your guy. Visit him in Kennel 29. For more info, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Eddie enjoys the sunshine

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