Featured Dog: Madeline – ADOPTED!

Madeline is quite the sweet pit mix– she’s all golden, soft (and furry, even with the short hair- she’s such a pleasure to pet).

sweet Madeline

She’s a little over a year old and has a very affable disposition- even if she seems aloof at first, she always goes to you for a good rub, and will lean against you while you stroke her ribs gently.

Madeline smiles a little

Madeline leans

She can be goofy– sometimes she does a small dance when I let her out of her kennel for a walk– and loves her toys. She’s curious about other dogs and would very much love the chance to play with them- she would be a great second dog. (And if you ask her nicely, she may wear your dog out such that both will end up snoozing most of the day 🙂

Mostly, though, what makes Madeline special is the little ways she lets you know she’s happy with what you’re doing, or with you in general.

Happy Madeline
like a big smile!

bliss of shade and a good butt scratch
closing her eyes in bliss. This was after a particularly good butt scratch.

Madeline is a little hestitant

Madeline would love to have her own home and family to love. Come see her at Kennel 17.For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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