Featured Dog: Leon – ADOPTED!

Leon is cute and fluffy

When you first meet him, Leon has his tail wagging and his face breaks out in a big smile. That’s how happy he is to see you. He’s a collie/sharpei mix, roughly 6-8 months old despite his large size (so yes, he is still a puppy, if your definition of puppy is under a year), and has puppy enthusiasm and curiosity.

Leon sits

He’s a very handsome, well-behaved, and gentle boy, who knows ‘sit’ but cannot help dancing around when he’s happy.

still-happy Leon

Leon loves food treats, deep-touch massages (he has thick fur), being groomed, chasing after toys, and long, long walks in which he gets to enjoy the sunshine. He might even enjoy swimming, given the summer heat.

Leon's wet snout

Leon in dappled sunlight

Leon would love a committed home who will give him the love, affection, and training that he needs. He would make a great, albeit furry, addition to most households.

Leon is currently in Foster care. For more information (including a visit!), contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Happy Leon

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