Featured Dog: Theodore – ADOPTED!

Are you looking for a little (more) sunshine in your life?

Theodore is all sunshine and daises

Meet Theodore, one of the nicest dogs I’ve met. At first, you may notice his lovely fluffy coat and his kind eyes, as well his winning smile.

Theodore has a fluffy coat

Theodore on grass

always handsome and smiling

Then you spend a little time with him and discover his intelligent, gentle personality. A volunteer once described him as “even-tempered” and I’d have to agree. He’s definitely one of the calmest and most attentive dogs I’ve met, and he’s already well-behaved, sitting good naturedly and accepting treats.

Theodore chews on a biscuit

blinking in sunlight

Theodore poses for his official portrait

Some dogs are obsessed with food, others with toys, and some with humans. Theodore definitely belongs to the latter group– he seems to be attuned and sensitive to your needs (not that I had any, but he was eager to help me out in any way he can). He would make an excellent therapy dog with some training, and would make a wonderful addition to a household– he gets along well with other dogs and would make a great companion to your current dog(s).

Theodore is consistent(ly smiling)


Come meet this handsome boy in Kennel 36. He’s already looking forward to meeting you! For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Theodore has a winning smile

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