Puppy Friday: Daisy – ADOPTED!

Today’s puppy friday is Daisy, a friendly shepherd/hound mix with a loveable face.

a perfect sit

She’s roughly 3 months old, but she’s learning a lot for her age. Mainly, she’s learned ‘sit’, playing with toys, being polite (she doesn’t like to jump on you– but she will be fine jumping around you), and generally normal puppy fun.

paying attention

being a goofball mid-air

See that intent, eager look in her eyes? She would like to learn more obedience training, and she loves working for treats, so she’d be very motivated to learn.

accepting treats

She might also be excellent at customer service. This is her best “Yes? How may I help you?” face. (I’m seeing a lot of dogs in stores I frequent, and it’s always nice when they greet you like that. 🙂

yes? how may i help you?

Or maybe you want to get rid of an unwanted guest. In that case, all Daisy has to do is to give that person this look:

ok, how much longer do i have to sit?

Can you tell she’ll make an excellent (and handy) companion? Come meet her in Kennel 28. For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

against a wall
“I can’t wait to meet you!”

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One Response to Puppy Friday: Daisy – ADOPTED!

  1. What a sweet looking dog. My favorite picture is the “Can I help you?” face. Just adorable. 🙂

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