Featured Dog: Quincy – GBNF

Quincy is a classic model for the dog days of summer– he’s a large black dog! He’s roughly a year old, has labrador and shepherd features, and is a total clown.

Quincy the goofy

I mean, really. If his face doesn’t spell trouble, I don’t know what does. 😉 Actually, he’s been very good– learning how to sit, chasing toys, and in general having fun. But mostly, he’s a jokester– he loves to play with your…mind. He might be the first dog I’ve met with an excellent sense of humor. An example:

He’s looking so very serious here. You’d think that it was mortally important for him to sit.
Quincy sits still

Nah. He’s just fooling you.
Quincy smiles

Seriously, though, he’s very good at ‘sit’ and would benefit from a consistent routine and training sessions. He would make an excellent running or hiking partner, and be an active participant in your life.

Quincy pays attention

Quincy sits

In case you think his middle name is trouble, I would like to remind you that his other middle name is also “endearing” and he’s quite good at it, too.
Quincy has a beautiful smile

Always wagging his tail

Quincy the model dog

He would also benefit from an older canine sibling to teach him the ropes. He’ll also be good for helping other dogs become more playful/social.

Finally, I leave you with my favorite pictures of Quincy eating a biscuit. He manages to look like a puppy, eat the entire biscuit (no crumbs for him), and cool off at the same time (quite a multitasker!).
eating a biscuit (and managing to look like a puppy)

nom nom

mmmm biscuits

If you are looking forward to a life filled with laughter and smiles, come meet Quincy at Kennel 34. For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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