Featured Dog: Darlene – Foster care

Darlene the beautiful

Darlene is quite a doll (and I don’t mean the toy kind)! She’s always dressed in luxurious soft furs, independent but loving, and of course, very affectionate.

Darlene wags her fluffy tail

She’s a young adult, around 1- 1 1/2 yrs old, has golden retriever markings about her, and already knows ‘sit.’ So she’d be pretty good at obedience classes. And she would behave herself around other dogs, as she seems to like them.

Darlene paying attention

She loves toys and balls, but really likes long walks. She would make a terrific hiking or exploring partner.

Darlene about to move

Her favorite thing, though, is head massages and ear scratches. When you scratch her head or ears, she has the biggest smile you’ve seen on a dog, and you can see sheer pleasure ripple through her face and body.

Darlene adores petting

Darlene is at her happiest when you scratch her ears

Darlene loves head massages!

Darlene is now in Foster Care. For more information contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

Darlene the supermodel

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