Puppy Friday: Lottie – ADOPTED!

sitting is a good thing

This is little Lottie, who LOVES to play (she seems to have a bottomless pit of energy!) but is independent enough to play by herself if you’re tired or not available.


She’s about 3 months old with labrador retriever markings and a beautiful soft coat that covers all the nicest browns I’ve seen in the color range.

Lottie paying attention

Despite her high energy, she learned ‘sit’ pretty quickly, with either toys or treats (in this case, it was a toy) and would love to go to obedience classes to learn more. She’d also get along very well with other dogs at dog park or with your older dog– I bet she’ll do a great job coaxing them to play with her, just a little bit. She particularly enjoys a good game of tug!

asking for a treat (or a toy)

wavy tongue

Lottie’s next favorite thing, after toys, are bellyrubs. If the treats are going to take some time (such as a biscuit), she’ll sprawl around and sometimes shows her belly. (I guess bellyrubs are good for digestion.)

munching on a biscuit

munch munch munch


Lottie is a Gold Star puppy, which means no age restrictions for her (in terms of children) or any special considerations. She’s always ready to make you smile with her constantly wagging tail– come meet her in kennel P6. For more information about lottie contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

impressive tail wag

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