Puppy Friday: Luke – ADOPTED!

It is possible to have a puppy cuteness overload. You just have to meet Luke.

has no problem being cute

There’s those eyes and nose, for instance.

Looking cute while sitting

He knows sit! And can stick to it for longer than a minute!

sitting patiently

It’s going to be hard to say no to this face…

cute even when smiling

He’s not all serious, but he looks positively adorable when he smiles. I can imagine placing him in a field of daisies and melting at the sight of him.

try and resist him

He’s definitely a bright spot on a dreary day– all he has to do is to lick your nose and grin, and all is right with the world, gray or not.

Luke smiles

Even his little puppy teeth are cute!

The deets on Luke: he’s approximately 3 months old, appears to have lab/rottie/shepherd markings, and a soft fluffy coat. He already knows sit and has mastered the art of puppy cuteness. He also likes toys and shows signs of being playful. He’d do very well in obedience school, as long as you tell him that it’s really charm school. 😉

And finally, there is no way this puppy can get in trouble. Never. Just look at this face:


Come visit Luke in Kennel Kennel 14. For more information about Luke contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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