Featured Dog: Randall – ADOPTED!

Randall knows his 'sit'

Randall wonders if you’d like to play with him — he’s actually still a puppy-dog (about 6 months), with hound/retriever traits. He loves his toys and balls and generally running around in exercise pen.

Randall with a toy

Since he’s energetic he would make a great running or hiking partner– he’s always ready for an adventure and to encourage you. He has a particularly goofy expression on his face that will make you smile!

goofy looking Randall

He’d also make a good dog park dog or a second dog as he gets along very well with other dogs. He would also benefit from training classes- he already knows ‘sit’ and is very food motivated.

smiley boy

Come meet Randall in Kennel 4. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Randall eagerly awaits his treats

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