Puppy Friday: Sadie – ADOPTED!

Sadie looks up

Miss Sadie wants you to know that she is actually not as mustard-colored as she appears. She’s more the color of warm honey, and is just as sweet. She’s about 3 months old, and has hound/lab markings. She came to the shelter with two of her sisters, Sara (now adopted!) and Sasha.

Sadie loves toys, and demonstrated quite a bit of puppy energy with a stuffed toy. Afterwards, she learned ‘sit’ quite readily and posed for a few photos.

Sadie sits

Then she discovered the joys of a warm lap, and crawled right in. She looked up as I rubbed her belly and cooed, and she was perfectly content.

looking up while having her belly rubbed

Sadie mellows out

I don’t think her tail stopped wagging for a second, even when she looked like she was ready to go to sleep.

Sadie the comfortable lapdog

Sadie will be a fun little puppy for a devoted family and would make a great second dog (she gets along with other dogs).

Here’s a recent picture of Sadie and her sister Sasha patiently waiting for their forever homes:
wanna adopt us?

UPDATED! Both Sadie and Sasha have went to Wake County SPCA. For more information on them, please contact Wake County SPCA directly.

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