Featured Dog: Clayton- ADOPTED!

I’m really happy to feature this dog (puppy, actually, about 7-8 months old) to you, because he’s come such a long way from being a frightened, timid, shy dog at the back of the kennel to a social, gregarious, happy-as-he-can-be fellow who loves to go for walks and play with toys in the x-pen. Even better- he passed his temperament tests with flying colors– he’s a GOLD STAR dog!


I know he looks all crazed and big-nosed here, but really, that’s just mixed collie/shar pei genetics for you. He’s really very sweet and affectionate, and loves it especially when you pet him and offer him toys or treats.

He already knows ‘sit’ and is very good at paying attention for treats– he’ll definitely be an obedience school star.


Clayton sitting

He’s also absolutely hilarious when it comes to fetching toys. The first time, he ran for the toy as it sailed past him, and ran back to drop it at my feet. But the second time and thereafter, he only ran for the toy when it was thrown, and after he picked it up, he trotted at his own pace, because really, the fun is in the chase, not in the fetching, he says.

Clayton with a toy in his mouth

Come meet this talented guy at Kennel 28. He’ll make you smile! For more information on Clayton, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Clayton ready to play

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