Featured Dog: Madison – GBNF

There’s a women’s clothing catalog called Title Nine, and it’s geared to women who are very active and it features real-life models with rather intimidating bios such as “occupation: water resources planner, talent: dinner in less than 10 minutes” or “Lida: climber, teacher, master pizza maker and above all else, mother and teacher for her two kids. Little known fact: delivered both her kids at home!”

If there ever was a female dog that belonged to Title Nine, Madison would be one prime example. It’s not that she’s intimidating. It’s just that she seems to be filled with unlimited energy and passion that never stops, and it makes you feel that she is capable of doing The Great Stuff (yes, that kind in capital letters). Or rather, if I had to write her Title Nine bio, it’d go something like this:

occupation: dog or potential running (she doesn’t jog) partner

talent: being able to play with the same toy by self for longer than 30 minutes without destroying it.

little known fact: secretly loves other dogs but can’t understand why they aren’t as energetic as she is

another little known fact: actually very well-trained- she’s very focused after a good, intense bout of play, which surprises everyone because she gives the initial impression of being rowdy and undisciplined.

Madison smiles

She’s about a year-and-a-half old, with some boxer/hound characteristics, and would be an excellent dog for a title-nine kind of person (that is, active and possibly equally intimidating in willingness to achieve things). She would love to go running, hiking, or even chasing tennis balls all over the court (maybe she would like to be trained to be a volunteer at US Open!). She’d be an excellent tester of dog toys and she’ll perk you up with her boundless enthusiasm for everything!

Madison's signature pose

Here are a few pictures of her with the toy– she often goes into a ‘down’ pose after she’s done fetching the toy and chews on it for a while before I grab it and throw it for her to fetch.

Madison plays with her toy

Madison with her paws crossed

Madison loves her toy

Madison after a good play

Come visit this amazing girl at Kennel 39. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Madison is a happy girl

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