Featured Dog: Bryson- ADOPTED!

Bryson smiles

Bryson is a handsome (some say goofy-looking), fluffy collie mix who’s about 6 months old but is well on his way to becoming a polite, responsible canine citizen. Don’t let his scruffy appearance deter you– he isn’t as mischievous as he looks, really. Just very, very endearing and very well behaved.

Is that camera a tasty treat?

He’s wonderfully affectionate, but not needy, does not jump, and sits readily when you ask him to. He also is curious about new things, like my camera, but he is fine when you tell him to leave it alone.

Bryson sitting

As you can see, he’s great at paying attention, and I predict he’ll be a star in obedience school. He’s also a Gold Star dog, passing his temperament test with flying colors. He’s not going to need a lot of exercise or anything special (though he enjoys walks and toys)– I suspect he will be just as fine being a mellow, lazy dog who snoozes on the sofa and gets up when he needs to. 🙂

Bryson in the sunlight

Isn’t he handsome? If you’re looking for a wonderfully relaxing, funny, and absolutely charming companion in your life, come visit Bryson in Kennel 45. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

Bryson and his gentle eyes

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