Featured Dog: Callie- ADOPTED!

Callie waits patiently for a treat

If you’re looking for another dog to keep your current canine companion company, Callie might just be the one for you. She’s currently one of the more social dogs at the shelter, and gets along wonderfully with other dogs, because she’s very playful. She would also be a great dog park dog! In fact, I’m sad that I didn’t get to take photographs of her playing; I may just rectify that later, but for now, all you can see is how wonderfully well trained she is.

Callie blinks

In fact, she is easy to train– she already knows ‘sit’ and is very food motivated. She’s showing great self-control for her age, and I predict that she will do very, very well in obedience school. She probably would also love all sorts of outdoor activities (hiking, running, maybe swimming?) and being out and about in the world.

Callie sits

If you think this young adult boxer/lab mix is for you, come visit Callie at Kennel 25. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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