Featured Dog: Mamie- ADOPTED!

Mamie stands!

Hi there! I’m Mamie and I’m trying to get your attention! My handler is telling me that I shouldn’t do it this way, but she laughed when I did it, and there’s nothing more I like than to make people laugh at my antics. I do have a little bit of puppy left over in me- I’m not quite a full year old yet!

Mamie the sunshiny dog

I’ve been told that I’m very pretty, and that I’m a Pointer mix (though all I seem to point to is… YOU!). I was terribly frightened at first, and I can be afraid of unknown noises, but I’m getting used to it more and more, with help of volunteers, and I’m learning everyday that there are many more good things than bad things. I have discovered that I love snuggles, being petted, learning how to get a treat (hot dogs are my favorite!), and that I love other dogs! I have heard of this thing called a dog park where I can play with dogs all day…that sounds like my idea of fun!

So if you’re interested in little ol’ shy me and don’t mind a bit of a cuddle and playtime, I’d be more than happy to be your friend. If you have another dog to show me the ropes, I’d be even happier. So come visit me in Kennel 16. For more info, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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