Puppy Friday: Matilda – ADOPTED!

Happy Matilda

Matilda is one of the most endearing puppies I’ve met- she kept looking at me hopefully over and over whenever I passed by her kennel. As her kennel was near the doors I frequently use, I’d see her all the time and she’d be perking up her eyebrows, sometimes her ears, in anticipation.

Finally, I got to walk her, and she was as happy as a dog could be. She’s still learning how to walk properly, and did an excellent job of paying attention. She’s very food motivated, and would be easy to train- she already knows ‘sit.’

Matilda sits

She’s a lab/hound mix, about 5 months old, and has all shades of brown and tan, except for startlingly white feet, and has quite a charming collection of expressions. She loves to play with other dogs and toys and would be great as a second dog.

white paws

This is her best hopeful face- the same look she gives me when I pass her by. If you think she might be your girl, come visit her at Kennel 13. For more information about Matilda contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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