Puppy Friday: Connor (Wake County SPCA) – ADOPTED!

Say hello to our newest antenna!

I'm only  half-listening!

Or maybe he’s just half-listening. Think of all the fun you could have with this dog’s ears…for instance you could use him to direct traffic:

the reception is this way
“Turn left, please.”

All the joking aside, Connor is going to need a little TLC before he does anything. He’s actually a little shy and unsure of himself, but opens up nicely when treats are on offer. He would do well with a settled routine and some obedience training. He loves toys and does well with other dogs, and he’d make a most excellent second dog. He’s about 3 months old and has some lab/pit characteristics.

Connor paying attention

Connor is now at Wake County SPCA. For more information on Connor, please contact Wake County SPCA directly.

connor gets close to sniff

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