Featured Dog: Augusta (Wake County SPCA) – ADOPTED!

Do you like labrador retrievers? Are you looking for another retriever to keep your current one in company? Does your dog need a playmate?

Augusta looks up

If so, Augusta may be the girl (or dog) for you! She’s a friendly, energetic black lab mix growing out of her puppy stage. She loves to play, and will do so by herself, but she would love to have someone (canine or human) to play with. Since she gets along very well with other dogs, she’d be an ideal dog to take to the dog park.

Augusta sits happily

She’s a little unsure of herself at times, mostly because she may have come from a different background, but she will do fine with a steady routine and regular training and playtimes.

Augusta plays

Augusta fetches a frisbee

Did I mention that she’s also very goofy and endearing?

Augusta waits for a treat

Augusta is now at Wake County SPCA. For more information about Augusta, please contact Wake County SPCA directly

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One Response to Featured Dog: Augusta (Wake County SPCA) – ADOPTED!

  1. Stunning, I did not heard about this topic till now. Cheers!

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