Puppy Friday: Angelica – ADOPTED!

Would you like to help a very sweet puppy come out of her shell? Angelica, a soft, furry and sweet Shepherd mix puppy, is very shy but is trying very hard to overcome the circumstances at the shelter. She’s about four months old, already loves hot dog treats, and would love to learn how to earn some more of the yummy food treats!

Angelica is a little shy

Angelica eats her biscuit

If you visit her, make sure you have enough time (probably more than the alloted 15 minutes!) to spend with her– she takes a while to warm up to you, but she she does, she’s very playful, affectionate, and even though she doesn’t show it, she really does like being petted and cuddled.

Angelica post-play

She just needs a home where she can get lots of kind guidance, and hopefully, an older, wiser canine sibling to show her the ropes. And then she’ll really blossom.

Angelica's happy smile

Just look at that smile! It’s guaranteed to brighten your day! Come meet Angelica in Kennel 34. For more information about Angelica contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

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