Featured Dog: Jerome – ADOPTED!

Meet the latest cuteness: Jerome, a 4-5 months old puppy who has a bit of flat coated retriever (I really have no idea why it’s called flat, because their coats tend to be very curly or wavy).


Despite his big appearance, he really is a puppy. He’ll just grow up to be a big dog.

Jerome enjoys snuggling

Like most retrievers, he’s friendly, enjoys snuggling, food motivated, and is very playful. He’s also reported to be social and enjoys the company of other dogs- which means he’d be a great second dog, or a frequent dog park visitor.

Jerome is still a bit of puppy

Like most puppies, he’ll do well with plenty of exercise (he would love to be your jogging partner!) and going to puppy classes (I predict he’ll be a star. Maybe a goofy class clown, but still a star. -)

handsome Jerome's profile

Isn’t he so very handsome? If you’re looking for a soon-to-be-tall, dark, handsome male in your life, go visit him in Kennel 10. For more information on Jerome, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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