Featured Dog: Skye – ADOPTED!

Skye proudly walks

I can’t stop gushing on and on about how Skye is such a fantastic puppy. She’s lively, joyful, playful, a romp, an angel, goofy, and… well, you name it. No wonder she’s a gold star dog. I think I’ll let her pictures express themselves.

Skye, looking angelic
Isn’t she very pretty?

Skye playing hide and seek
She’s very good at hide and seek. No, not really– I just captured her like that by accident. I can imagine her falling asleep sitting up like this, though.

Skye sitting
She’s very good at ‘sit’ and is very food motivated– all hallmarks of an obedience class star. She also gets along very well with other dogs, and would be great as an only dog, a second dog, or at the dog park.

Skye running towards me
But she isn’t just obedient– she also knows how to have fun. She loves her toys, playing fetch, and is always looking at you for the next adventure you’ve got planned. She’d probably love road trips, hiking, and exploring new places.

Skye close up
And then by end of the day, you get to snuggle next to this face.

Skye sits nicely
Who can resist this face? Not me.

Skye uses her best puppy dog look
She’s a smart one- already knows how to perfect her puppy dog look for maximum amount of treats…

Skye smiles
Come visit me, she says. I’ll make you smile and laugh.

To see Skye, come visit her in Kennel 12. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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