Featured Dog: Natalie – ADOPTED!

Natalie sits

Hi there. My handler thought I should introduce myself, because I seem so shy and afraid of my surroundings. Truth is, I’m not terribly crazy about new and old noises, new smells, new anything, but I’m very willing to accept that as long as I’m allowed to deal with it at my pace. That, and lots of hot dogs– I really like them and they aid a lot in helping me get through whatever distraction is affecting me.

Other than that, I’m very housetrained, good on leash, and enjoy humans. Who knew they were affectionate with their hugs and petting and bellyrubs and ear scratches and rib noogies and…oh, you name it. I like them all.

Natalie likes to be near you

That’s a picture of me being in bliss from being rubbed all over. My favorite part is when I stop mid-walk and my handler stops too and looks at me, then sits down and calls to me, and I come and we have a good hug and kiss session. She likes to say that no matter how unsure I am, I like to make sure that everyone feels loved. I think that’s the lab in me– I’m roughly 2-3 yrs old and have lab/hound characteristics.

I think I would love a home where I get lots of hugs and kisses, as well as long, quiet walks, and maybe even some training when I’m ready. I like familiar routines (I promise to never get bored with them) and a nice lap to snuggle on. And maybe, just maybe, an unlimited supply of hot dog treats? Please? I figured if I was going to ask for anything, I could ask for that… 🙂

Happy Natalie

I’m now in FOSTER CARE. For more information (including how to visit me), please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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