Puppies Friday Galore! – All ADOPTED!

The other day I got to work with a litter of collie mix puppies. They’re wonderfully soft, furry, and insanely cute. I’m also happy to report that all of them seem to be very food motivated, and were working their way into a proto-sit (kind of like babbling before actually talking in babies).

And of course I had to share the gratuitous puppy photos:

Scott (male of the litter of 3 in Kennel 35):
Scott's profile

Scott accepts treats

Scott learns how to sit

Skylar (white and tan female):
Skylar shakes hands :-)

flooooofy ears

Skylar peeks

Skylar snuggles

Skylar likes ear scratches

Skylar is confused by the toy

Skylar accepts treats

Wynter (black and white female):
Wynter in black and white

gray muzzle

Wynter rolls her eyes

Wynter leans a bit

Wynter likes ear scratches

Wynter accepts treats

They’re all about 2 months, I think, and two more of their litter is in Kennel 25. These three are in Kennel 35, usually curled up in a heap, so ask to see them individually. 🙂 For more information, please contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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