Featured Dog: Camilla – ADOPTED!

Camilla sits

If, by any chance, you see this little bundle of black fur moving about, you should ready yourself for a rather amusing sight: a very happy puppy dog (she’s not quite a year old yet– around 6-7 months) running about, not hard, but just dancing around in the grass, her pink tongue out, her eyes sparkling with anticipation, her tail wagging furiously.

Camilla in the grass

That would be Camilla, a rather delightful puppy who is very affectionate (a volunteer has mentioned that if you get down to her level, she offers several kiss-attacks, and I should add that she also offers lap-attacks (as in, settling in your lap for all of five seconds, then running in grass, then settling back into your lap and giving you a quick kiss– only to repeat the whole thing all over again.)). She already knows ‘sit’ and would be a star pupil in training classes, and would be excellent with children (reason why she’s a GOLD STAR dog).

Camilla accepts a treat

Given her affection for people and dog and great self-control, Camilla would be a wonderful addition to a family. I don’t think there was a single minute on our entire walk when I wasn’t smiling or laughing– she revels in your joy and will do your best to cheer you up!

Come meet Camilla in Kennel 42. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

watching the sun set
“I’m looking forward to my forever home!”

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