Featured Dog: Darwin – GBNF

Darwin practices 'sit'

Who’s that handsome dog looking at you? Why, it’s Darwin, a 18 month old Lab/Pit mix who loves to amble about and have fun! He gets quite excited in his kennel but once he’s outside, he calms down nicely and walks beautifully. I suspect that once he has a home and knows the routine, he’ll be just fine with daily walks/runs, though he will probably be very happy to see you home or awake!

Happy Darwin

He’s very eager to please– he’s very food motivated and already knows ‘sit.’He would love to learn more in obedience classes.

Best pleading face

Darwin is also very goofy– he can express his joy in exuberant ways, and sometimes he just likes to be funny. Like settling in for a 5 second nap in the sun (hey, 5 seconds are pretty slow for a dog…)

Darwin settles for a 5-second nap in the sun

Or making faces:
Trying to find that spot on his tongue

Goofy looking Darwin

yum! treats!

Darwin loves toys, and has fun playing by himself in the exercise pen. It’s fun watching him with squeaky toys, especially as he tries to figure out what makes them work.

squeek squeek
Hrm? What makes this noise?

shaking the toy
If I shake it really fast, maybe it’ll fall out?

what do i do now?
Ok, got it in my mouth! Now I have to find a place to hide it…

To meet Darwin, visit him in Kennel 17. For more information, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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