Featured Dog: Chandler – ADOPTED!

If you are a fan of fluffy, cute dogs who will make you smile with their innate cuteness, you should meet Chandler.

Chandler is fluffy

Chandler looks up

He’s a 2 years old Border Collie/Spitz mix. He does happy dances when you walk him, and he adores being petted and being told that he is such a good boy. He’s very focused, and always looks up to you even when he’s walking, and already knows ‘sit.’

Chandler close up

Chandler sits

give me your food, woman.

you gonna eat that?
Tthis is probably his best under-the-dining-table look. Try resisting that. 🙂

He loves toys and is generally a pretty mellow dog when he knows his routines (he is not too crazy about new things, but learns to accept them), and he loves people. He’s relatively unsure around other dogs, but may do fine with other well-behaved dogs and may even warm up to them in time.

If you’re looking for a low-key dog who will make you smile every day with his happy dances and pure enthusiasm, come visit Chandler in Kennel 4. For more information about Chandler contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org.

sweet face

Chandler stands

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