Featured Dog: Ava – ADOPTED!


Isn’t Ava very pretty in the sunlight? She’s a 2-3 yrs old collie mix and here’s what I found out about her after our recent walk:

She loves bellyrubs. She also likes to put her head on your lap and be stroked, but mostly, she loves bellyrubs.
Ava enjoys a bellyrub

She likes to watch sunsets with you. She won’t even mind if you sit next to her and snuggle.
Ava likes to watch the sunset with me.

She’s a little shy and that may be because she was surrendered to the shelter and is not sure of her new environment, but that will change very easily when she goes to a new home and adjusts to new routines. She already knows ‘sit,’ is very attentive regardless of whether you have food or not, and is very focused on people. She also gets along well with other dogs, so she’d be good as a second dog or a dog to take to the dog park.
Ava in the fading light

To meet Ava, come visit her in Kennel 2. For more information on Ava, contact doginfo@apsofdurham.org

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